Coinbase will open the output coins are forks of bitcoin

In the blog the largest American cryptocurrency platform Coinbase has published an article about that in the near future in the wallet Coinbase, there is the ability to withdraw coins, which appeared in the forks of the Bitcoin network.

«This innovation should simplify the withdrawal process in all forks of bitcoin services Coinbase. On our part were carefully reviewed and considered the technical, operational, and legal issues. On our site you can always find information about what assets are supported», — stated in the message.

However, at the moment, information about, support what assets will be integrated in the foreseeable future, no.

Moreover, the platform reports that it intends to support future forks of the bitcoin service Coinbase Custody where expected «in the foreseeable future there will be more assets than GDAX and Coinbase».

Perhaps the main point in this message was that users of Coinbase and GDAX can withdraw the coins that resulted from the forks of bitcoin, but not to trade them. Similarly, the service Coinbase Commerce in February announced that he would not support the forks of bitcoin. In turn, the Coinbase Index Fund also will not add in the listing of assets that are not available for trading on the cryptocurrency exchange GDAX.

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