Coincheck presented a plan to restore the work, customers take the money

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has submitted a report to the financial regulator, which sets out a plan for the consequences of hacking that resulted in the theft of cryptocurrency NEM in the amount of 58 billion yen. In parallel, there has been renewed withdrawal from the stock exchange, then the users of the site started to withdraw their deposits.

Coincheck has submitted a report to the Japanese financial services Agency (FSA) in accordance with the Order to improve business operations, which was sent to the exchange after the recent hacking. In its report Coincheck explains key aspects of the company’s activity improvement.

In particular, it describes the four main points of action plan:

  • investigation of the facts and causes relating to burglary;

  • to provide appropriate customer support;

  • strengthening current measures to manage systemic risk;

  • the creation of new measures for the system of risk management and the prevention of such events in the future.»

  • Representatives of the exchange also noted:

    «We continue to improve the security of our systems in order to resume transfers in other currencies and to enter into compensation».

    Coincheck has already provided a preliminary report to the FSA immediately after the break, but the regulator has raided the office and called
    other exchanges to improve the security of their operations.

    13 Feb Coincheck has also resumed withdrawals in Japanese yen. Users were quick to take advantage, and in a few days withdrew from the stock exchange to 40.1 billion yen (approximately 376 million dollars). Yusuke Otsuka (Yusuke Otsuka), managing Director, Coincheck, said at a press conference that «the exchange will be able to satisfy future requests for withdrawal of funds», but refused to tell how much of clients ‘ funds remains on the exchange, according to Reuters.

    Earlier, the exchange promised
    to compensate for the loss of users after hacking and to pay $ 400 million to affected customers. The FSA is not yet confirmed that the exchange has sufficient funds for the payment of compensation.

    Meanwhile, 7 of traders submitted to the exchange in court with the requirement to «allow withdrawal of funds to private purses.» The attorney for the plaintiffs confirmed that they want the return of their savings in 13 different cryptocurrencies, including NEM.

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