Coinkite Coldcard: new hardware wallet from Opendime

Recently was announced a new project Opendime wallet — Coinkite Coldcard. Some believe that if cyberpunks have created a hardware wallet, it would be exactly as the last sentence Opendime. The new hardware wallet looks more like a retro calculator design with the 1980-ies. It is equipped with OLED screen and buttons for entering a PIN.

According to the statements of the company, «to use the wallet does not required specialized equipment. The device works on the principle of hard drive, so you can simply move files to it. Don’t need any companion application on your computer. The device is already working with major purses.»

The cost of new items – about $ 50.

The device is equipped with «cryptosystem chip. Your private key is stored in a special security chip, not in main memory,» reads the company statement. «A MicroSD card slot allows for backup and data storage.» Also it is possible to «do offline transaction signing, passing unsigned/ signed transactions in a sneakernet».

The device launch is expected in spring of 2018, currently only available for pre-order.

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