CoinLion Announces A New Digital Currency Trading Platform

“CoinLion: Setting the industry standard for navigating the complex jungles of digital currency”

CoinLion is a powerful trading platform that makes managing digital assets easy and efficient. The platform contains a unique portfolio management tool combined with a publishing and promotional toolset that rewards users for building and sharing portfolios, strategies, and information relating to the management of digital assets.

“CoinLion will make managing hundreds of digital currencies easy and efficient and will empower the everyday user to take control of their digital holdings,” said CEO Joshua DeWitt

The CoinLion Platform consists of three main components working together to maximize the user trading experience. The first is a digital currency exchange focused on giving users the best trading experience possible. The second is a portfolio management tool that allows for the creation and management of cryptocurrency portfolios. The third component is a publishing and promotional toolset that allows users to grow and build their following by creating and share portfolios, strategies, and information with other users.

The CoinLion Portfolio Management Tool allows users to create and manage multiple portfolios simply and efficiently. A user may use the portfolio management tool to purchase multiple cryptocurrencies allocated by quantity, amount or percentage. Features within the portfolio management tool allow users to reallocate portfolios and submit multiple orders with a single click.


Using the Publishing & Promotional Toolset users can choose to publish portfolios, strategies, and content for others to track or use in exchange for LION. The portfolio management tool lets users create portfolios, share them with other users and or across their social media channels. Portfolio creators can define a cost in LION for allowing users the right to track and duplicate a shared portfolio.

CoinLion has its own token, LION, and will be launching the token sale December 18, 2017.

“LION is quite a powerful token,” said CTO Justus Luthy.

Lion is the native token that interacts within the platform helping users learn, build, and grow. LION creates an ecosystem that rewards and incentivizes users to share and create portfolios, strategies and research related to the management of digital assets. CoinLion says they will generally not limit the uses of LION.

Within the platform users can use LION to track and duplicate portfolios, trade for free within the LION market, receive discounted trading when holding LION, create and manage multiple portfolios using the portfolio management tool, access research and analytics within the CoinLion research library, access to ICOs launched on the platform at a discounted rate, promote portfolios and content on CoinLion and other platforms and the list goes on.

CoinLion plans to launch the platform Q3 of 2018 and plans to launch a demo version before the token sale.

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