Colorado is considering the introduction of blockchain technology to protect personal data

16 January 2018 the Senate of the state of Colorado was presented for the consideration of the new bill to use the blockchain technology to protect personal data from cyber-attacks. Will the implementation of a distributed registry, which will help to abandon paper records and updating them manually. This will help solve the problems of information gathering and protection of records.

Now the residents of the state of Colorado still have to visit the companies personally if they want to make changes to your data. This inconvenience can also be eliminated by the system based on the blockchain.

If the bill is successfully passed, it will mean that the head of information security in state government will have to assess the costs and benefits of a distributed registry in a job. The bill also involves the study of opportunities to improve the situation to prevent cyber attacks.

Under the bill, only in 2017 every day in the region occurred from six to eight million intrusion attempts on a digital platform of the government of the state of Colorado. Many records held by government, poorly protected and are potential targets for hackers and thieves. The bill also talked about the growth in the number of attempted thefts of personal information and what hackers are constantly devising new methods to steal personal data of individuals or companies.

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