Communication platform RightMesh raised $18 million in a round of sales tokens

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Platform RightMesh attracted $ 18 million during a private round of selling tokens. Public pre-sale (with bonus 20%) scheduled for February 15.

In September 2017 the project RightMesh presented the White paper platform and Protocol for the deployment of mesh networks using the technology of the blockchain is designed to allow the creation of publicly accessible Internet networks and increase universal communitarianist.

Since then, the platform team has managed to open a private access to a beta platform and set of development tools (SDK), to participate in the development of apps for tracking environmental data eNuk and to schedule the Event for Token Generation token MESH platform Bitcoin Suisse. A recent blog post on Medium RightMesh summarizes progress in the development of technology for the entire 2017.

RightMesh represents a truly decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) network and a platform for sharing of connections to the Internet. Detailed information about the project can be found in the White paper, and the technology is described in detail in technical White paper.

At present, almost 4 billion people do not have access to the Internet. This part of the world’s population is deprived of the social and economic advantages that appear due to the universal connectedness. The founders RightMesh in their publications note that the global correlation useful for all members of society, and the concept RightMesh is to expand access to the Internet throughout the world. The digital economy has long been a significant part of the overall economic sphere. Billions of online users will be the catalysts for the processes of international trade and global communication resources and exchange ideas.

Co-founder and chief CEO RightMesh John Lyotier says: «the United Nations has determined that connectivity to the Internet is a human right, and our goal is to promote universal connectivity by giving incentives to people to provide their excess bandwidth to the Internet for those who do not have the ability to connect in the usual ways.»

Such platforms, the functioning of which is based on the principles of Economics General use, as Uber and Airbnb, has made significant progress, allowing ordinary people to monetize existing assets. RightMesh strives to provide opportunities for interested persons to profit from their access to the network or the resources of their devices (e.g., computing power, resources for data storage, or use of sensory data). However, unlike Uber or Airbnb, RightMesh is fully decentralized and peer-to-peer platform. This means that its operation will not depend on a single Central intermediates for operations.

Despite the appearance of numerous decentralized applications, for example, dapps on Ethereum platform, Protocol IPFS or even the same Bittorrent, all of them still depend on the centralized infrastructure, which is created by the providers. In contrast RightMesh will make possible the organization of networks with access to the Internet using decentralized physical infrastructure.

«In the case of natural disasters, the consequences of which may affect access to the Internet, a distributed network RightMesh will continue to function, providing necessary access,» explains Chris Jensen, co-founder and chief operating officer RightMesh. «There is a significant need in the implementation of innovative effective ways to ensure that people always remain in touch with family, had the opportunity to seek assistance when denied decentralized systems. One of our goals when implementing RightMesh is to protect people from such negative consequences when failures of systems using a decentralized network».

Decentralized network RightMesh can also be the issue of free access to information in cases where the repressive state initiatives to restrict access to the Internet or to occur when censoring for political reasons.

Users and devices in the network RightMesh will be uniquely identified due to protected accounts in Ethereum. The Ethereum blockchain will also allow users to exchange cryptographic tokens received for the provision of its resources, which will provide an economic interest to participate in the organization network. Any device in the network RightMesh can buy or sell bandwidth provided by other users. Users resell their resources can set your own prices, and supply and demand, like any trading platform, will ultimately determine the cost of use. App RightMesh enables interoperability of devices among themselves the most efficient way, using the shortest transit part of the network and at the lowest cost. The app itself is not demanding and can be run on devices that are used by most people daily. Functioning RightMesh will rely on the use of the system with its own cryptocurrency MESH in order to stimulate the expansion of the network and interest of the participants.

Selling tokens MESH will occur on the platform Bitcoin Suisse in two stages, the first of which is a public pre-sale with 20% bonus for participants (15 February — 1 March).

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