Conference «Blockchain technology in the world economy and business» 14 February in Moscow

In the framework of the «III International corporate weeks-2018» from the Association «the Professional community Directors «Direktorium» February 14 will be an open event dedicated to issues related to the digital economy, blockchain-technology and artificial intelligence.

«III international corporate week-2018» is the largest business event in the sphere of corporate management and training, financial market and financial security, the development of blockchain technologies and to support innovation. For five days at the Fairgrounds will be held thematic sessions with the participation of leading experts. You will be able to meet with more than 50 well-known speakers, including:

  • Lyudmila Golubkova, Chairman of the Administrative Board of the National Association of business angels, managing partner of Starta Capital.

  • George Verbitsky, managing Director, Russia and CIS, the company eToro.

  • Andrew Sebrant, Director of marketing services company «Yandex», candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, author of over 60 scientific papers. Editor-in-chief of the journal «Internet-marketing».

  • Jin Kolesnikov, founder of Singularity University, Moscow Chapter, visionary of robotics and technological singularity.

  • Dmitry Marinichev, the representative Authorized under the RF President on protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights in the sphere of the Internet (the Internet Ombudsman), the Director General of the engineering company OOO «Radius group», the founder of Russian Mining Coin.

  • Dmitry Cherednik, expert of SKOLKOVO FUND Global Venture Alliance. Accelerators PepsiCo, IKEA, MeGA, etc. the Owner is one of the largest in Russia and CIS consulting companies for managing the sales SalesUp Consult, lecturer MBA Plekhanov University, Moscow state University, SKOLKOVO.

  • Alexander Nesterov, managing partner of Crypto Alliance.

  • Maxim Pervunyn, lawyer, managing partner of TFH Russia, expert on international business structuring and ICO.

  • Nikita Kulikov, Executive Director Heads Consulting, founder, ANO «Prorabotav», member of the expert Council on Digital economy at the state Duma.

  • Alexander Dmitriev, technical Director of the group UNIT that the «electron cloud».

  • Artem Koltsov, Chairman of the Expert Council on digital economy and blockchain technologies at the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the founder of the consulting Agency in the field of blockchain «the World of Work in mining», the founder and CEO of digital Agency «Legion» and many others.

Venue: Moscow, the Small Konyushkovskaya lane., 2, the Boiling Point of ANO «Agency for strategic initiatives to promote new projects».

Free registration for the event

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Guests and viewers of the online broadcast will be a very rich program!

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