Conflict the founders MyEtherWallet led to the fork and the emergence of competing project MyCrypto

The Ethereum community is in disarray after the co-founder of the popular purse has announced the launch of a competing project.

Taylor Monahan (Monahan Taylor), known in social media as tayvano, and Hemchandra Kosala (Kosala Hemachandra) – based MyEtherWallet (MEW) in 2015. On Friday, 9 February, Monaghan announced the founding of a new company and wallet MyCrypto.

MyCrypto is a fork of MEW, but according to Monahan her company in the near future will launch an enhanced version, as well as standalone applications for PCs and mobile devices.

Hemchandra is the head of the MEW, as a service, managed by the community. He still has access to the GitHub repository, MEW and domain contracts with a cloud service AWS. In the expanded post Monahan says:

MyEtherWallet will continue, as long as for any reason will cease to exist. According to the practice, if we determine that the domain is compromised, it runs a malicious code, or he in any other way likely to harm the community, we will make every effort to alert the community and prevent abuse of the code and website. However, we wish the project MyEtherWallet all the best and hope that it will remain important products in the industry.

MEW became a key product for any user of the Ethereum ecosystem. The owners of the tokens have repeatedly been warned that centralized exchanges are subject to hacker attacks, are not a safe place to store digital assets. MEW has become almost the primary option for storage of tools, and compatibility hardware wallets best wallet and Ledger made it popular among large captainvalor.

The growing popularity of MEW makes a tasty target for hackers – is one of the malicious clones was spotted in the Apple App Store, and ads in Yandex-Direct appear periodically links to phishing clones of MEW. It is not surprising that an unexpected transformation Twitter account @myetherwallet @mycrypto and ad on it on the basis of the new company led to the spread of panic. Only after some time, Monahan, her new companion Jordan Spence (Jordan Spence) and their team, left MEW, published in Medium posts, signed with a digital account on Keybase Monahan, along with supporting photos and telling about the new project.

In turn, the MEW made a new account on Twitter, however Hemchandra have suggested that the old account Monahan seized illegally.

The reasons of rupture of one of the actors says, but the texts of Monahan suggests that the founders of the MEW have different visions regarding the ways of development of the project, which began on the sidelines of their professional activities.

Monahan writes that the key role in events played the role that MEW got in the ecosystem in 2017, when the system collapsed hundreds of thousands of users, most of whom first heard the phrase «private key»:

My friends, family and husband have seen how the burden affects my mental health, and how he could help. Husband answered the tickets, cooked the food and sent me to bed at 4.. 5.. and even at 7 a.m. when I fell asleep at the computer.

In 2017, the draft of the by-product became the main. Monahan gives an illustration appears showing how gradually the contribution to the project of Hemachandra became smaller. Of course, to assess its veracity it would be good to hear the other side.

At least it is clear that Hemchandra prefer to see MEW as a public service, while Monahan intends to build around the service MyCrypto business profitable.

The request for publication Techcrunch in Twitter MyCrypto representative said that the company «is» not looking for venture funding.

The day after the statement, Monahan, Hemchandra presented their points of view on the events. In General, his version of events is almost at odds with the text of Monaghan. Former friends and companions parted. In the presentation of Hemacandra the author of the original idea MyEtherWallet issued on 11 August 2015, is it. According to him, at the beginning of the partnership he invited Monahan to take the job business development, and she did great. He did not wish to disclose the reason for the unexpected breakup, but acknowledged that most of the team went with Monahan in MyCrypto.

However, he reiterated his commitment to the original idea of MEW as a platform open source and promised to soon present its new team. In conclusion, Hemchandra expressed confidence that the competition will benefit both projects and wished good luck to former companion. However, after a few hours after it has peaceful statements in the Internet appeared a copy of the lawsuit to Hemacandra Monahan, registered on December 14th of last year, in which he accuses her of hiding financial documents. Claim consideration will take place no earlier than March 27.

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