Conspiracy theories doomsday: bitcoin created artificial intelligence

Recently in the Internet appeared another conspiracy theory on the emergence of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency which was created by artificial intelligence.

The world wide web has allowed people, whose audience had limited to a circle of friends and family to share their theories with the world. The cryptocurrency space is plunged into a fantasy world of conspiracy theories. One of the most intriguing theories of the origin of Bitcoin is that the virtual currency was created by the artificial intelligence who wanted to deceive mankind.

New conspiracy theory of the origin of Bitcoin is progressing YouTube channel, UFO Today, which deals with the UFO phenomenon. However, the study of UFOs has not prevented the channel to enter the territory of crypto, releasing a video pushing the idea that the creation of Bitcoin is to blame artificial intelligence:

«Perhaps the reason perfection in code of Bitcoin lies in the fact that the code was not a highly skilled developer or even a team of developers. Maybe the code was generated by a highly advanced artificial intelligence.»

This question sounds very flattering to the Bitcoin Core team, but in light of the ongoing third year of problems with scaling of the blockchain and other pressing issues, the code of Bitcoin is very difficult to call close to perfection. And the first version of the wallet that you own Satoshi, and is full of bugs, causing the first years of existence, bitcoin has repeatedly underscored the critical situations that had to be solved hotfixes «perfect» code.

Satoshi Nakamoto — not a man?

With regard to the identity of the Creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, UFO Today offers this version: Satoshi is not a man. According to their theory, Satoshi Nakamoto is a highly developed artificial intelligence that created the cryptocurrency in order that ignorant people have expanded his network and capacity of information processing, his hands digging his own grave. UFO Today says:

«Scientists around the world try to create artificial intelligence with extreme equipment and complex code bases. As far as we know, none of the team did not succeed. But it is possible that artificial intelligence already exists?»

Needless to say that this theory is somewhat detached from life. However, the channel has another, alternate, version of the origin of Bitcoin is possible, the cryptocurrency created by aliens. Maybe an artificial intelligence acting on behalf of alien beings have already conquered a few thousand years ago?

No matter how amazing and absurd seemed at times like the theory, observe their appearance quite curious. Some people seriously believe that cryptocurrency is part of biblical prophecy. And the co-founder of Kaspersky Lab Natalya Kaspersky said recently that Bitcoin was created by U.S. intelligence, and Satoshi Nakamoto is actually a group of American cryptographers.

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