Core plus Coinbase: share SegWit transactions reached 30%

The share of transactions in the Bitcoin network, supports Segregated Witness (SegWit), peaked at 30% due to its implementation by large companies and service providers. Moreover, this maximum is achieved on the background of almost empty mempool and, accordingly, the minimum cost of transaction fees.

The size of the pool of unprocessed transactions in the past year is sharply increased, then decreased, leading to significant fluctuations in the cost of commissions. On Wednesday recommended size of the Commission was only 20 Satoshi for byte such paltry commissions, the users of bitcoin have not seen for over a year. But in the second half of 2017 this figure reached more than 1 000 Satoshi per byte.

The rapid growth of SegWit share transactions occurred after enabling this technology Coinbase — the largest operator of the wallet and bitcoin exchange. Slightly earlier, a similar step was taken by the Bitfinex team.

Soon after, the Bitcoin Core developers released a new client version 0.16.0, which provides full support SegWit by default. This means that the new address after you install a new version of the wallet will by default use SegWit. Other companies also supported this movement, in particular, alternative wallet Edge (formerly known as Airbitz).

SegWit lays the Foundation for further updates Bitcoin, which, despite their current experimental nature, can significantly improve the quality of interaction with the network for the end user. In particular, we are talking about technology Lightning Network (LN), which continues to gain popularity and support from renowned companies, despite the criticism
some industry representatives.

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