Cryptanalyse and decentralisation of the international banking system

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Thinking about international banking, you probably imagine rich people in the summer houses on long island, who keep most of their money abroad is to get away from the ridiculous taxes, which requires the state.

And partly you are right, for most of the last two centuries the international banking system was synonymous with extraordinary wealth. But it’s not just because of taxes. Not at all. International banks and banking operations are in high demand and often without them simply can not do if you wish to participate in the life of the world outside its international borders!

And, indeed, until recently, only the rich people could spend a lot of time abroad or were interested in investing abroad.

But things have changed.

The development of the outside world

With the advent of cheap international flights, more and more people began to fly abroad just to see the country and not for immigration purposes. Thus, people has become much easier than ever to interact with the world in General.

With the development of long-distance communication along with the onset of the information age, access to information and knowledge has become more free than ever. People were able to travel, knowledge can travel, but the money stubbornly remained motionless. It was difficult to transfer money across the border – whether it is digital money or other.

This is because the nation is more inclined to protect the capital, rather than people or knowledge. The government needs money to function and it is often making a special effort to prevent the development of international financial relations and banking. And all this with the purpose to save as much money as possible in the hands of the state.

Thus, while the world opened in many ways, Finance is stuck in the past.

The suppression of personal freedom

Naturally, this creates some additional challenges: the first is life abroad in General. To move the money through one of the boundaries is quite simple, and in others almost impossible. Difficulties often arise even when opening small accounts abroad.

It also limits investment opportunities – for yourself and for people who live in other countries, but may be interested in investing in your company.


Cryptocurrency changed all of that. Because cryptocurrency is a digital revolution, for her, of course, there are no boundaries. At any point of the globe where there’s Internet and cryptocurrency. This means that cryptocurrency opens almost the whole world to anyone who has the wallet there is a coin. And this, in turn, opens access to all features that were previously unavailable to the General public.

Let’s start with the fact that the complexity of managing multiple currencies is not a real problem because the coin could potentially be exchanged for any world currency. You need to send money abroad? Use the cryptocurrency. Want to use the opportunity to invest abroad? Now it is possible – even if you don’t have much money for investment. With ICO it has become even easier. International coins give the chance to everyone in the world to become part of the enterprise.

And, perhaps, the most pleasant fact: repressive governments damn hard to prevent the crypto operations. Therefore, if the poor citizen wants to leave the war zone or wants to take everything you can out of the country, the cryptocurrency for him – the best solution.

But this, of course, the most dramatic example.

For the average person the biggest advantage is probably the cost of currency conversion and commissions for currency transactions when using crypto-currencies in another country.

Kryptovaci prepare us for a changing world

Intricate currency, cryptocurrency and more. This is one of the reasons we use banks to manage a significant part of our financial life. One example of the fact that the Bank is preparing us for a new decentralized banking system, which is unfolding before our eyes, is Datarius.

Banking across borders – beyond borders – the ability to choose. You have to decide what to do with your money and where. With the banks such as Datarius, you get more choices in all respects.

Due to individual banking solutions, you can now manage your assets from anywhere on the globe and decide which assets you want to use, when, where and how.

With cryptocurrency, the world has changed. And with it the banking system.

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