Crypto Lady — cryptocephaline for women on 28-29 April in Moscow

28-29 April 2018 in Moscow will be the only CIS online cryptocephaline designed specifically for women — Crypto Lady.

Main topics:

  • Blockchain;

  • Cryptocurrency;

  • Mining;

  • Trading.

Online conference addressed a wide audience, as the cryptocurrency is becoming a natural part of life for many people, as the skill of Internet use.

Among the speakers are leading Russian women experts in the field of cryptocurrency:

  • Elina Sidorenko — head of the interdepartmental group for bitcoin in the state Duma, MFA of Russia

  • Hope Harsh — member of the expert Council of the state Duma on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies

  • Ekaterina Kondratenko — producer

  • Natalie Turner is an international expert in sales and cross-cultural negotiations

  • another 10 highly qualified experts.

To create the online conference was to attract the best professionals, who are major experts in their fields. Thus we have considered different points of view and made the conference more objective knowledge.

Online conference will be the first step of international importance in the creation of a new popular phenomenon — women and crypto currencies.

The conference will be held at the address: Smolenskaya St., 5, Moscow, Russia, 119121.

Information and to purchase tickets

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