Crypto rally on yachting in the Ionian Islands of Greece will be held may 5-12

From the organizers of Sparta and Crypto Lady 5-12 may 2018 will be a yacht tour in the Ionian Islands of Greece.

Crypto-regatta will be held in the beautiful waters of the Saronic Gulf. The 10 most beautiful yachts with white sails out to the open sea. Starts and finishes the regatta at the coast of Athens, the Alimos Marina. During the week the participants will visit 6 Islands to plunge into the atmosphere of yachting, make friends with the sea and crypto-leaders. Set crew on crypto-yacht cruise has already begun.

Who is involved?

Successful leaders cryptomeria already go to yacht tour. Race can participate everyone, regardless of yachting experience. For beginners and people with no experience provided the «course of the young yachtsman».


The route is more suitable for beginners who are just mastering the basics of yachting under sail, but also for a relaxing and smooth vacation without the long sea crossings.

The number of places is limited. Read more about the program and participants can be found on the website.

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