CryptoBazar: every fifth ICO belongs to immigrants from Russia

Investments in crypto-currencies in Russian startups for 2017 has increased tenfold and amounted to about $200 million, according to experts trading platform CryptoBazar. According to them, the dynamics caused by the absence cryptomeria strict regulation that facilitates raising funds in this way, unlike traditional.

«Russian entrepreneurs attracted from all over the world in their projects in 2017, investment in cryptocurrency more than $200 million a year earlier was $20 million in Startups from Russia has launched over one hundred projects in the cryptocurrency, and in 2016 there were about 20,» – said the founder of a trading platform CryptoBazar and the eponymous Foundation Oleg Ivanov.

According to experts, every fifth ICO made by immigrants from Russia. In total, over the past four years, their team has raised more than $260 million – 11% of the total amount of all tomenselo in the world. Among such projects the supercomputer SONM ($42 million), «Russian mining company» RMC ($45 million), mobile gaming platform MobileGo ($53 million) and the industrial startup in the production of synthetic Zirconia ZrCoin ($4.5 million).

Increases and the average return on investment. According to Ivanov, this is due to the growth rate of the cryptocurrency and increasing interest in this area.

«If for the last four years, the company could raise through ICO on average one major project $2 million, by the end of 2017, this figure reached $22.6 million, However, high returns always involve high risks,» he said.

«Because cryptocurrency itself is a risky sphere, attraction of investments it is a risk in Cuba. Investments in projects at an early stage, in principle, provide no guarantees of profit. And here also we are raising money for the cryptocurrency, the price of which is highly variable. There can be as plus thousands of percent, and minus. Therefore, no matter how troublesome and expensive existing IPO (initial public offering), the ICO will not replace them,» – said the co-founder of kleptomanka Wirex Dmitry Nazarychev.

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