Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi will open an office in London

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi as part of the expansion of activities outside of Asia have announced plans to establish its representative office in London.

Black the Chung (Chung Chern), senior Manager business development Huobi in Europe said that the company intends to establish a representative office in London, as I consider it «the most active marketplace in all of Europe». At the beginning of this year, Huobi started operations in South Korea, and is also in the process of opening a representative office in San Francisco.

Many cryptocurrency companies prefer to open offices in European countries (e.g., Gibraltar) with more loyal legislation concerning cryptocurrencies. Despite the fact that the UK is no different «soft» approach to the regulation of cryptocurrencies, Huobi stated that they are not afraid of regulation.

Office in London will provide Houbi to establish a strategic relationship with many global financial institutions that also have offices in the region, in addition, it focused a tremendous opportunity to launch new products and services that will be in demand in the European market.

“It is not Malta, Switzerland, and London, or rather Britain, is our entry point into the European market”, — said the Vice-President Huobi Peng Hu (Peng Hu).

The continued expansion of Huobi seems pretty positive response to the difficulties faced by the exchange, after China forced all cryptocurrency exchanges to cease activity in the country.

Despite the uncertainties of future political and business links the UK for Brexit, London is still considered the «world financial center».

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