Cryptocurrency NEO grew 25% and reached a historical high of 180$

On the background of General decline in prices on the cryptocurrency market, NEO in the period from 14 to 15 January, rose 25% to $ 180 per coin. At the time of publication it is corrected to$ 150.

NEO, often called Chinese ether (ETH), was renamed in 2017 from AntShares and developed as a project «to implement the «smart economy» with a distributed network». Thanks to her Chinese roots, it is expected that she will receive certain benefits from the size of the Chinese market, the second largest consumer market in the world.

One of the reasons for the increase in the price of the cryptocurrency could be the fact that the Chinese (and not tolshko) ICO are increasingly seeking to run on the platform of the NEO, not the ETH, because it is faster and doesn’t charge such high transaction fees. Number of tokens NEO GAS is limited and will be used by ICO for the development of their smart contracts. NEO owners receive dividends from the use of GAS.

In addition, developers who want to write smart contracts for Ethereum, must study its own software language platform Solidity. Contracts for the NEO it is possible to write in C# and Java, which makes it much more accessible for developers that want to join the community.

The sharp rise in prices NEO can also mean that investors have identified it as a cryptocurrency, backed by the latest developments, and practical value. However, it could be just a pricing aberration, indicating the emergence of a new speculative market. NEO even amid today’s massive fall of cryptocurrency on the news from China managed to stay in the present, rose to eighth place by market capitalization.

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