Cryptocurrency platform for traders FTEC goes to ICO

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FTEC single ecosystem for cryptocurrency traders in a short time all the tools as helpers for traders — cryptogamia, assistants, neural networks and smart services.

Qualifications and experience of the team FTEC confirmed the successful launch of the project Coinbot is the solution that allows traders to automatically complete transactions on the trading markets on the basis of available information.

The advantages of the platform FTEC for investors:

  • improving trade efficiency;

  • time-saving;

  • familiarity with the features of cryptocurrency trading;

  • testing and refining its trading strategies;

  • reduction of investment risks;

FTEC team decided to hold an ICO to raise funds for the design of the blockchain. Designed specifically for the needs FTEC technology will effectively process the data and store them inside a protected system.

The technology underlying the FTEC, has been successfully tested in other projects. Today FTEC developers have created and tested the most popular services, which will be available to all users of the platform.
Visit FTEC on Github will be published the technical features of the project. The main repository contains General settings and information about how to implement specific functions FTEC. All the Github information is the exclusive intellectual property of FTEC developers. As progress of work on the interface of ecosystems and development of the whole project on Github will be published news about the achievements of the FTEC.

Sale token FTEC will begin in April

Investors interested in investing in the FTEC will be able to see the idea of the project and its team during the presentation of the campaign, which will be held before the start of krautsalat.

The duration of the Pre-ICO 27 days. Date of commencement of sales of tokens — 11 April 2018 (14:00 UTC). Krausel will end on may 08 (14:00 UTC). During the preliminary round of krautsalat one ETH is possible to 5175 FTEC.

Team FTEC plans to implement 20.7 million tokens during the ICO. This provides early FTEC investors the opportunity to purchase tokens project at a bargain price.

Before ICO, the project team plans to complete the development of certain system services. FTEC potential partners can get acquainted with them before investing money in a project.

Upon reaching the HardCap team FTEC will have the opportunity to hire additional employees and implement all tasks of the project. Development plan FTEC presented in the RoadMap of the project available on the official website

Softcap Pre-ICO FTEC is 2000 ETH. FTEC team will continue development of the platform if you get in the course of attracting investment to this amount. The funds will be spent on the marketing campaign and the completion of product development.

HardCap Pre-ICO FTEC set at 4000 ETH. If it is achieved, in the state of FTEC will include additional highly qualified employees. Also in this case, increase the budget of the marketing program.

To participate in the Pre-ICO, go to the official website of the project and follow the instruction for purchasing tokens. Investors applying for the purchase of cryptocurrency FTEC first, get your tokens before the others.

FTEC team consists of professionals and enthusiasts of the technology of the blockchain, interested in the successful implementation of the project. Using already available techniques, experts FTEC create innovative products to increase efficiency in the market of cryptocurrencies.

The collection of investment for the development platform FTEC is carried out only on the official site, which also has access to all information about a project idea and how to implement it, a WhitePaper and a RoadMap.

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