Cryptocurrency TON from the Telegram: still just a rumor

Rumors about the launch of the company Pavel Durov cryptocurrency-based Telegram messenger began to appear in early December. On December 21 there was a message in Facebook Anton Rosenberg — a former employee of Vkontakte and Telegram — that the messenger team is planning to hold ICO project called TON (Telegram Open Network) and to issue its own cryptocurrency Gram, which will be embedded in messenger. At the same time released a promotional video on YouTube, however, does not reveal any specific details.

All these data are based on supposedly «leaked» by unknown information from within the team, however, neither the Telegram nor Pavel Durov did not give an official comment, stating whether the work carried out on a new cryptocurrency and will there be ICO. He Durov limited evasive answer that Telegram publishes all official announcements only on your website. However, the site no announcements about creating a cryptocurrency and has not appeared.

At the moment, the project is little known. According to the same «leaked» information, much of which is set out in article Techcrunch January 8, TON will become the so-called «bloccano 3.0» (though this concept exists only among marketers and technically not regulated) and shortly after launch «will close» the Ethereum and Bitcoin, not to mention the other cryptocurrencies. In total, the ICO, the company plans to 3-5 billion, and the company and developers will remain to 56% of the tokens, and 44% will be available.

According to various sources, ICO Telegram will begin in March 2018, and now allegedly being carried out presales among major investors. One of them was named Group, but the company has denied these reports.

Pavel Durov and other activists warn the community that have already appeared fraudulent sites, mailing lists, and even Telegram TV, posing as an official team ICO and, of course, offer to buy their tokens before the start of the ICO.

Minimum working product (MVP) TON should appear in the second quarter of this year and the stable version will be released only to the end of the year. User services and «token economy» will unfold in 2019.

The Russian authorities reacted to the launch of such large-scale ICO fairly indifferent.

«Release, God bless him, health», — told reporters January 11, Alexey Moiseev, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation.

At this point, a month after the appearance of the first «insider» messages, no officially confirmed information about the project TON and has not appeared. However, since the company does not refute the numerous articles in the media — therefore the truth has, although the details may differ significantly from the published. Those who wish to participate in the ICO Telegram, should be extremely careful and wait for the verified official statements of the developers, as in the past year there are cases of success Scam that stole millions of dollars through fraudulent websites that mimic the real ICO.

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