Cryptoexpert will talk about the future of the blockchain-industry on 22 March at the Conference in Tallinn

March 22, 2018, Estonia will host the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn — an event dedicated to the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO. Estonian cryptoexpert and invited foreign experts to discuss the future of the blockchain-industry and new perspectives in this field.

Why Tallinn?

Estonia is one of the most loyal to the cryptocurrency and blockchain States. In the country not the first year successfully works major project for digitalization – E-residency. In addition, the authors of e-residency has offered to host the ICO state and to release the cryptocurrency Estcoin. If successful, Estonia will become the first country in the world with the state ICO. A room full Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn in 2017 only confirmed that the Estonian cryptologist interested in such events.

The participants and topics of the conference

Vladislav Sapozhnikov, founder and head of platform for exchange and trade kripalani Deex.Exchange. The speaker will discuss the future of the blockchain technology and decentralized ecosystem, built on the basis of financial blockchain of BitShares platform.

Lukas Kairys, technical Director at Cryptodus — companies developing blockchain solution using smart contracts for business. Lucas tells his vision for the future of smart contracts. He will discuss new opportunities, technological challenges and risks associated with them.

Alex., Director of marketing at Crowdholding that created the blockchain-a platform for entrepreneurs and their advisors. As an experienced marketer, Alex will explain how to interact with the audience when preparing a startup to the output of ICO.

Thierry Vallat, lawyer, founder of the law firm Cabinet Thierry Vallat, a former member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer of the Association «France-Estonia». Thierry will tell you that waiting for the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency in Europe in the context of state regulation.

Edgar bers, a specialist in working with partners in HashCoins OÜ — a company specializing in the development of cryptobranchoidea and the creation of blockchain services. The speaker will explain how the blockchain can act as a Trustee.

Venue: the Event will be held in the finest hotel in the city center – Hilton Tallinn Park.

Stay tuned for news of events and updates on the official website of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn.

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