Cryptomate Singapore will not cope with the load

Cryptocurrencies in many countries hit record popularity, and Singapore is not untouched. Many of the residents trying to stock up on digital money, yet their popularity continues to grow.

Cryptomate located within the complex is Hong Lim and Tiong Bahru Plaza in Singapore, refused to function normally. Previously, they were replenished three times a week, now depositing procedure takes place three times a day, which does not protect against exceeding the limits on Deposit/withdrawal of assets. In addition, a high probability of hacking accounts using malicious scripts and programs.

Support Fortinet sites recorded 100 000 break-ins in Singapore just last month, however, the main problem is the unstable state of the bitcoin prices. There are predictions reaching $100 000, at the same time there are supporters of a collapse to zero, and some believe that bitcoin is going to be multitrillion asset.

The only opinion that is impossible not to agree — is that the cryptocurrency could not be ignored, the blockchain is attracting more attention from investors, indicating a high demand, which in the future will only increase.

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