Cryptonator Wallet Renames Bitcoin Cash to BCash, Community Isn’t Pleased

Over the past few months, we have seen multiple discussions regarding the naming of Bitcoin Cash. The price ticker is BCC on most exchanges, even though BCH is the correct one. Bitcoin Cash is also often referred to as BCash, which is not correct either. Cryptonator, a popular wallet with BCH support, decided to rename the currency to BCash. It is a decision that doesn’t sit well with the community, which is only to be expected.

It is always interesting to see these “political” debates in the world of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash is a very interesting creature in this regard Despite a solid market cap and community, the currency also generates a lot of hate. Most of this animosity comes from the Bitcoin crowd, which is no real surprise. However, it seems some service providers are not shying away from getting involved either Cryptonator is a great example of how to irk a growing cryptocurrency community.

BCash is not the Proper Name for BCH

More specifically, their decision to call BCH as BCash doesn’t sit too well. That is completely understandable, as it was called Bitcoin Cash before. There is no reason for this sudden change either, and the company isn’t explaining it too well either. While this is not the most popular in the world, it is still an interesting precedent. At the same time, it is doubtful most other BCH wallets would make such a sudden decision in the future. Without any real reason to do so, renaming to BCash serves no real purpose whatsoever.

It will be interesting to see if other companies and service providers will follow this example. The Bitcoin Cash community doesn’t like the BCash term in the slightest. It was how Bitcoin diehards called this altcoin at the launch several months ago. Some of that sentiment has not died off just yet. Throwing more oil on the fire will only irritate the community even further. It is certainly possible Cryptonator will lose a lot of users over this decision as well.

All things considered, there are plenty of BCH wallet options to explore by the community. If people want to make a point, they will stop using Cryptonator altogether. Whether or not most users care, remains to be seen. It is certainly a very touchy subject which needs to be treated with respect. This decision will create a lot of bad blood during a time at which it isn’t even warranted. Political shenanigans in the cryptocurrency world are always nearby, unfortunately.

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