CryptoSharkParty – December 25 in Moscow

25 November in Moscow will host the next CryptoSharkParty. All this year we have experienced many events which are reflected on the high market volatility of scriptaction. Almost every day there are more and more players in the market. Yesterday, those who belonged to the skeptical market, now willing to invest millions.

The most popular was the bitcoin, which has grown phenomenally this year, 17 times!

In August, the second CryptoSharkParty when BTC was $2 500? jokingly predicted that by the New Year it can cost $10,000… Now it cost $ 13,000 per unit and no one believes it’s fiction!

We create a new reality, and December 25 will meet her main characters!

  • Investors;

  • Representatives of kryptomere;

  • Members of the media;

  • Lawyers;

  • ICO-projects and blockchain startups;

  • Developers;

  • Cryptomnesia;

  • Cryptobuddy;

This evening we will discuss the main plans for the next year, the market forecasts scriptactive and investment.

Also, in the framework of the evening will be a presentation of recent paintings of Anastasia Kopytseva from the CryptoShark and presentation CryptoSharkArtFoundation in which will showcase the work of talented artists who paint inspired by the new economic reality.

25 December will open three of the St. Petersburg grafika Alex Curtis from the Duality (Duality). They can be purchased as always, in the auction.

For investors in the framework of the evening will be presented to the preferential offer for the purchase of tokens FireLotto and TokenStrater.

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