CryptoSharkParty on February 4 will host a debate IN WEALTH MANAGEMENT CRYPTO

The theme of WEALTH MANAGEMENT IN CRYPTO dedicated to the exclusive display of the virtual gallery CSHP|VIARIUM GALLERY! Ambitious gallery created by VR developers VIARIUM the project CryptoShark dedicated to promoting contemporary art among the elite progressive business community, a fully innovative location CSHP|VIARIUM Gallery — virtual reality!

New technology not only change our consciousness, but also create new opportunities of communication between people, allowing you to visit the galleries from anywhere in the world using VR glasses. Unlike conventional online galleries, VR is a completely new and revolutionary format. VR guests can walk through the halls, to consider and purchase the work of artists. As in the galleries that exist in physical reality, CSHP|VIARIUM Gallery exhibitions and changing exhibitions.

The General partner of plenary debate, the company MUST — the system is available for Finance for small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide, is built on the tokenization of liquid assets funded enterprises. Anton Rarely, CEO and founder of the project, will perform with the theme of «Smart assets and the real economy. Investment risks and opportunities».

On how the digital economy and innovation change our societies and in the framework of the panel discussion on WEALTH MANAGEMENT IN CRYPTO tell the well-known opinion leaders!

  • How to select promising projects for investment is Sergey Lukashin.

  • Smart assets and the real economy. Investment risks and opportunities — Anton Rarely, CEO of MUST.

  • Outlook and risks for the crypto market to 2018 — Igor Doganov, TOKENBOX.

  • Investment planning in scriptactive 2018 — Philipp Mironovich.

  • Crypto-currencies and tokens as an investment asset in 2018 — Maria Agranovskaya.

  • Decentralized exchanges as a method of risk hedging with state regulation of scriptaction — Timothy RA.

  • Place of scriptaction in the investment portfolio is Anton Kravchenko, CEO of XENA EXCHANGE.

  • Social investment — Alexey Arkhipov, the Association of FINTECH.

  • Policy snob: features of investment in art, luxury items, expensive sports — Olga Dvoretskaya, CSHP.

CSHP|VIARIUM Gallery can be seen only in the VIP area, where traditionally gather investors, blockchain evangelists, public persona, journalists, politicians, heads of large companies and developers, Family office managers, marketing specialists, representatives of kitabire.

February 4, among the regular guests will be established CSHC Bitcoin Lounge. Partner VIP area CryptoSharkParty made the project of Vladimir Smirkish TOKENBOX.

Buy tickets (tickets are limited).

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