Decentralized assessment platform Ratings ICO Ignite begins from January 15

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Ignite Ratings, Gibraltar blockchain startup creates world’s first decentralized, self-regulating platform for evaluating the investment risk, the ICO and other assets, based on the opinion of «collective intelligence». C 15 Jan they start selling tokens to the project.

Ignite breaks the traditional system of trading and valuation of digital assets and ICO, combining its decentralized rating platform based on the it investment index. Software Ignate automatically invests in the most highly valued digital assets, returning 50% profits to holders of tokens. Each of these assets is not more than 1% of all current assets of the index that makes the token a great tool for diversifying assets, at the same time, giving its holders access to the most popular ICO and digital assets.

In the traditional financial system rating agencies receive incentives from those who produce assets, which creates a clear conflict of interest. Moreover, typically, traditional ratings are not based on information obtained in real time, and are created and distributed after the fact; the value of such ratings for traders or investors is limited. Ignite disclaims such models to stimulate, for the first time directly linking the remuneration of those engaged in valuation of assets, with their real effectiveness. Holders of tokens Ignite receive financial incentives for fair and adequate evaluation of the investment assets because the index is Ignite invests only in the most highly appreciated assets platform.

The platform is Ignite is built on the principles of trust and reputation. All users will participate in the examination of digital assets and to oversee the examination of other users. Users involved in the process of this examination, amount to Ignite the HIVE, this title seems appropriate, given that the fundamental idea of the platform is to work with the Ignite community on the assessment of digital assets, combining the unique skills, opinions and investment strategies of all its members.

The question arises how such a complex process as the assessment of digital assets may be handled by a group of anonymous holders of tokens. The answer is simple. The special reputation the Ignite mechanism tracks all user actions on the platform, and then they are also evaluated by the Ignite community. In the end, all members of the community to obtain real-time reputation scores which determine the effect that he(a) could have on the rating of any asset, that is, community members with low reputation (less number of reputation points) will have less influence in determining investment risks than users with high reputation. The result is a highly efficient self-regulating ecosystem and platform that is resistant to the users who want to «outsmart» the system.

Ignite co-founder Damon Barnard: «As in the real world, reputation has to be earned, good reputation gives a significant impact across the ecosystem, while a bad reputation imposes severe limitations. Reputation is dynamic, and each user has the same capabilities in the growth of the maintenance and restoration of its reputation.»

Ignite intends to record all interactions with your platform in the blockchain, ensuring that all users fully open, a record of all assets and transactions are saved and can be viewed directly in the blockchain.

The other co-founder of Ignite, Christopher Cozens, says: «If the user is able to make an investment decision, then he should be able to explain to others the reasons why he believe this is the right solution. I believe that we will see a lot of interesting points of view representatives of different social groups with different experience and set of skills.»

Since all the participants of the platform will seek to maximize profit, all the community will be interested in ensuring high-quality and objective evaluation of investment risks. The result will be a truly decentralized platform rating and investment analysts, providing high profits for Ignite Index and is a valuable source of reliable information about the investment asset for more than the entire industry, operating in real-time.

Ignite has already received significant funding from some large investors and Overstock has partnered with tZERO and SpeedRoute to use the latest, previously unseen in the industry of blockchain technology to run trading operations. This is an additional advantage that Ignite hopes to share with its investors in the near future.

Information on the sale of tokens

Krausel Ignite starts 15 January 2018, with early participants are granted limited discounts. Given that during the private placement rounds and presale already sold almost 5 000 000 available 10 000 000 tokens IGNT, it is expected that the demand will be very high.

The official web site of the project

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