Denis Kunev: legal uncertainty of cryptocurrency in Russia leads to the growth of cybercrime

Crimes using the technology of the blockchain disclosed, however, the degree of detection depends on the level of training financial intelligence units, law enforcement officers and their technical equipment, said the head of the organizational-analytical Department of the Main Department of procedural control of the investigative Committee of Russia Denis Kunev.

«Today, many law enforcement officers in international forums and conferences talking about the fact that the technology of the blockchain is a guarantee that the crime will be solved, and anonymous users will be detected,» he said at the conference «Financial, technology and law: focus».

According to Kuneva, the operations with cryptocurrency, even with a high level of encryption, leaving a forensic trail that allows you within minutes to make any hidden financial transactions public.

The result of such an operation depends largely on the preparedness of the representatives of financial intelligence and law enforcement, as well as technical equipment and the use of special software, he said.

The representative of the Ministry said that cases of cyber crime in Russia increased. So, from 2013 to 2016, the number has increased six times – from 11 to 66 thousand. Only 2017 year, there were 40 thousand of such crimes.

Kunev said that official statistics do not reflect real picture because cyber crimes have high latency.

According to the world anti-drug report of the United Nations, more than a quarter of all drugs sold in the world in a contactless manner using information technology. Obtained in this way money is laundered and again are used to Finance criminal activities, including terrorism.

The participants of the conference expressed the opinion that the cause of the annual increase in the number of offences with the use of cryptocurrencies is the lack of their legal status in Russia.

«To steal bitcoin now is quite simple, because the law does not protect the victims of these thefts. So important is the determination of the legal status of cryptocurrencies to protect, above all, honest market participants», – concluded Kunev.

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