Detained in Moscow the swindler Pavel Krymov is associated with several cryptocurrency services

In the Russian bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies community is brewing another scandal that. however, it may come to naught. On 6 February at the request of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan at the Moscow airport «Sheremetyevo» on charges of fraud was arrested Pavel Krymov – the Creator of «investment» companies Questra World, Forex Trend, Panteon Finance, A. G. A. M and Skopalin, which are classified as a financial pyramid. However, information in the media about his detention came only a week later, on February 12, and only today, a week later, suddenly started talking about his connection with cryptocurrencies.

The activities of artist on the territory of Belarus and Kazakhstan, which in recent years has enriched it more than $ 30 million, eventually attracted the attention of law enforcement.

According to the Department of internal Affairs of Alma-ATA, Krymov is accused of premeditated fraud related to illegal activities of his «investment» companies.

«The company used the scheme of multi-level marketing network and earned their agents from 5 to 15% of each sold portfolio AGAM. Accruals were made throughout the structure, and the percentage ranged from agent level,» – say the victim of numerous financial pyramids, which is charged with Krymov.

Victims created the unofficial website where report on the activities of the artist. It is from this site began to spread information about the relationship of the artist with cryptocurrencies, but most of it has no direct evidence.

In particular, the artist is suspected of the organization ICO FINTECH project Worldcore, which took place in October and was planning to raise $100 million (based on the results of tokens were sold for about $25 million). Now the token project is trading on the stock exchanges OKEx, HitBTC and YoBit, became famous thanks to the regular addition in the listing of little-known crypto-currencies and tokens. At this moment the prospects of the project remain vague.

According to the analysis of ICO Worldcore portal Hacked, the business model of the project was completely destroyed (1 out of 10 points).

«Hole in the business plan is too evident that, in principle, to consider investing in a project of this kind», – analysts say.

According to information on the website, Krymov is also associated with a Russian cryptocurrency exchange YoBit. In particular, the project Yobit actively advertised on the forum MMGP.RU and sponsored the same events as the project Solvena, which is also attributed to the Artist. However, direct evidence of the connection of the artist with these projects is not presented.

As for Solvena — this project really is largely similar to the previous Scam artist. He offered investors a significant income from trading in the cryptocurrency markets and take their funds in trust. Solvena launched a broad advertising campaign and even received a «license» from the fictitious controller CROKER, which, of course, not even worth the donut hole. Nevertheless, this technique allowed the project to even get to the major media. Solvena lasted about a year after the ICO in the summer of 2017 unnoticed evaporated, gathered with investors at least half a million dollars.

By order of the Khimki city court of Moscow region of Crimea detained for 40 days. Until March 17, 2018 Krymov is likely to be extradited to Almaty to face Kazakhstan’s Themis, which will determine his fate.


Received official comment from the exchange Yobit.

The owner of the exchange Yobit:

«Rumors about the link exchange Yobit with Krymov, distribute for money that our competitors, so don’t get fooled by this misinformation. We buy advertising on different forums and informational resources, but this does not mean that we are their owners. The listing of any token also nothing says we have to exchange more than 1100 coins, and in the coming time will be added much more.»

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