Digital Security denies reports about the vulnerability of Emercoin wallet

Digital Security company specializing in security analysis of it systems and research in the field of information security, officially declares that it has no relation to the allegedly found dangerous vulnerability in the Emercoin wallet. The news about the security issue and that with its help, the attackers stole investors ‘ funds, was published on the forum

Commented Andrei Ivanov, business development Manager security aspects blockchain projects Digital Security: “We are actively developing the area of security the blockchain projects, our experts have tested a number of wallets for cryptocurrency, however, Emercoin purse has not been our object of study and comment on his protection we can’t. Declare that fake information about found vulnerabilities is regarded by us rather as a tool of competition, and not as a result of someone else’s research. When our company performs security analysis and discovers vulnerabilities, information about them in the public field appears only after you resolve the issues by developers and in coordination with them.”

Commented Oleg Haviko, technical project leader Emercoin: “In the development process of our project Emercoin we have repeatedly faced attempts to discredit him through as a purely technical attacks and slander and unfounded accusations in social networks and Internet forums. This article is another attempt unfounded to blacken the project, but through misuse of business reputation of the company Digital Security. We declare that specified in the article vulnerability of the wallet does not exist, though, because his main wallet (core) does not have the «12-word Wallet Back Up the Phrase,» and further reasoning on this topic is pointless. We are also satisfied with the professionalism of the company’s Digital Security, which in a matter of hours, investigated the situation and delivered their verdict. We declare that the Emercoin project will continue to evolve, and our package blockchain services will find more and more business applications”.

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