Director of the management company in Kemerovo have established a mining farm in the back of an apartment building

Residents of one apartment building in the city of Kemerovo accidentally discovered equipment for mining cryptocurrencies that the head of the management organization established in the utility room of the garage complex.

Concerned residents went to see what happened in the garage Bay where the fire alarm went off and accidentally saw an open supply closet, which worked as a mining farm.

«The message from residents on this fact is entered in the Control by phone «a hot line». On the basis of its oversight of the housing agencies conducted a site inspection. The inspectors left at the address, was summoned to the scene the police. Currently, law enforcement authorities are checking on this fact during which will be given a legal assessment of the activities of the head of the management organization and the issue of the legality of his actions,» said GZHI.

Control requested from the management company information about the composition of the common property of the apartment building to determine on whose territory was located the computer hardware.

«Immediately on the day of inspection all equipment was unplugged and dismantled,» – noted in the inspection.

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