Dmitry Medvedev believes in the blockchain, but not in cryptocurrency

The fate of the cryptocurrency is not yet clear, but the technology of the blockchain just need to use, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev interview to TV channel «Russia 24». In his opinion this technology has a huge future, because it is impossible to distort, she herself supports.

«The blockchain and the system of verification based on this technological idea will remain in the future. This is very useful for mankind and should be used in our country, – he says. – Some points may disappear, in particular cryptocurrency. Their fate is unclear to us. This explains the high degree of volatility. To them there is no trust, there are an infinite set of speculation,» – said the Prime Minister.

«And there is regulation and regulation is needed — both national and supranational,» – says Medvedev. On the question of if he buys bitcoin, the Prime Minister replied in the negative. Speaking of blockchain, he expressed confidence that this system of distributed data will be applied in a variety of areas.

«I just don’t believe it is already today», – he added. Medvedev called the digital technology is imperative.

«The whole world is developing now as a digital and those words – big data, blockchain, who until recently no one used, has now taken on a specific dimension, – said he, stressing that these mechanisms are capable of leading the economic processes to a qualitatively new level. All this, of course, needs state support».

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