Doctor Web: the national currency protect you from a hidden mining

CEO of Russian antivirus company «Doctor Web» Boris Sharov called hidden mining the new trend in the world of cybercrime: attackers are enriched without much risk.

«Now extortionists replaced by more effective tools – crypto currency miners. They bring more income with fewer losses and risks. Sometimes the offender may secretly mine for months, and people whose computers he uses for this, think they are protected by their antivirus, and their power day and night working for the profit of criminals,» he said.

According to Sharova, the criminals hiding behind legal software or use conventional websites, scripts which start mine – it turns out very small, but in large quantities formed a decent amount.

Balls also spoke about the ways to protect from mining the hidden built-in anti-virus software company.

«Anti-virus can detect. We already have successful examples when covering very large criminal network, who worked under the guise of legitimate software. For protection, you need to use a modern, regularly updated antivirus. In addition, you must be vigilant to understand that the infection is not from the air, not in itself, and it comes in the mail, via vulnerabilities,» warns the specialist.

However, cybersecurity experts predict a further growth of illegal mining. While Balls stressed that the establishment of a national cryptocurrency would protect from this type of fraud.

«National cryptocurrency becomes controlled by the gateway transfer money from cryptocurrency to Fiat. This gateway will have lost the most important thing «dignity» of the cryptocurrency is its anonymity. The government will not tolerate anonymity, the use of the money without identifying their origin. While you have anonymous bitcoins, nobody knows where you are and who you are, but if you want to turn them into rubles and to participate in other operations, you have to designate themselves, put them in your purse cryptorama» – summed up Boris Sharov.

It is obvious that the head of the antivirus company is still not very well understood mechanisms of functioning of cryptanalytic differences between the public and the public cryptocurrency that operated independently from each other. Release cryptorama or its equivalent will not interfere with the conduct of covert mining and the implementation of received from this «business» income.

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