Domain Registrar and Novosibirsk plant «Ekran» offer hosting of ASIC miners

More and more Russian companies are interested in mining cryptocurrency, and seek to capitalize on the granting of their land to miners. Such hosting can be more reliable than personal agreements with employees of the enterprises, which are often made without the knowledge of management and can lead to loss of equipment or other sanctions.

Domain name Registrar REG.RU opened performance of services on placement of equipment for mining on the private data center. The cost of the service depends on the form factor of the miner and the consumption of energy.

«The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a real boom. On the background of the high exchange rate of bitcoin, more and more companies and ordinary users have become interested in the issues of mining. REG.RU monitors trends in the IT-sphere and offers to place your farm on the territory of the data center,» announced the company on its website.

REG.EN States that the main advantage of their solution is the legality.

«Placing farms or in non-residential premises, miners risk losing their equipment because of problems with the power supply or to significant fines, and using the services on placement from REG.RU you can be 100% sure of the legality of the business – they claim. – More than 500 units are already placed.»

Novosibirsk industrial Park «Screen», operating on the basis of the largest plant for the production of glass containers in Siberia, is also planning to provide free electric power companies for cryptocurrency mining and to take the empty space of the second floor to host mining farms.

This was stated by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the industrial Park «Ekran» Paul Boboshik. According to him, the initial investment in this project will amount to 11 million rubles.

«We have free electric power and free the second floor that is not occupied by a classic production of glass products, as it is inconvenient to carry a glass flake material. We plan to use these resources to build a small farm for mining bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, which I want to spend 11 million roubles», – he said.

With the approval of the decision on the allocation of funds for the creation of a platform for cryptocurrency mining by all members of the Board of Directors, the project can be implemented by the end of 2018.

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