DomRaider will release a hardware wallet Safe-T Mini, in partnership with the French company Archos

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Today it becomes increasingly difficult to earn a lot of cryptocurrencies, but to keep them is even harder. To ensure the safety of kryptonsite, you should use only trusted sites, secure software, and reliable purses. The most secure are considered hardware wallets.

Taking into account the rapid development of cryptocurrency in recent times, as well as the importance of ensuring the safety and security of cryptocurrency funds for their owners, two large French Tech company, DomRaider and Archos have teamed up to release the most reliable and convenient means for storing the amount of cryptocoins — combines hardware crypto Safe-T Mini, which will have several distinctive characteristics.

One of the primary features of Safe-T mini will be its price. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the average price of hardware wallets is about 100-200$, they cannot be called the most popular way to store cryptocurrency as other kinds of wallets «win» in their background due to the fact that are free (that does not make them more secure). The important advantage of wallet Safe-T Mini is its price, which starts from 49.99€, in comparison with other hardware wallets are much lower. In addition, in the case of buying co-branded wallet Safe-T mini from DomRaider and Archos, produced in limited edition, all owners will be provided with tokens DomRaider (DRT)
in the amount of 50€.

Key features Safe-T mini

Archos & DomRaider Safe-T mini is one of the most secure solutions to protect your coins. This hardware solution, without access to the Internet, generates and stores private keys, and performs all operations in wallet, stores the addresses of all transactions. Safe-T mini will protect you from the loss of private keys in case they are damaged, lost or stolen, because it creates a backup, which you can obtain by using a special recovery phrase. Safe-T mini, it definitely requires the installation of a 4-9 digit PIN code that only the owner could open it.

Wallet is not only secure but also convenient: all the information reflected on his LCD display, and control of the cryptocurrency and carrying out each transaction is made by pressing special buttons. All this allows you to easily send and receive cryptocurrencies wallets. Safe-T mini easily connected to a computer or mobile device via micro USB cable. Wallet works with software such as Electrum, MyCrypto, GreenAddress/Greenbits, Mycelium and supports such crypto currencies as Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Dash, Litecoin, zcash for, Ethereum, and, of course, DomRaider Token (the list will continue to grow).

The partnership DomRaider and Archos

Main activity DomRaider over the past few years was the speedy redemption of outstanding domain names (dropcatching). In 2017, the company decided to develop in the direction of the blockchain technology, and successfully held by the ICO, after collecting multi-million investment project decentralized blockchain auctions. Already running a blockchain platform for decentralization auctions Auctionity, in which the token DRT will be used as guarantee of payment. DomRaider Token added to the listing of such major exchanges as the Bancor, HitBTC, EtherDelta and YoBit, a list of which will continue to expand.

One of the key directions of development of the group DomRaider is a partnership with the leaders of various world industries. The partnership with Archos, which is a major French manufacturer of mobile devices and various electronic devices, will bring together a community of mobile devices and crypto & blockchain, and will allow you to show the world a new hardware crypto. Here, the expertise of both companies: the Archos in the field of Hardware and DomRaider in the field of cryptocurrency.

Manufacturing Safe-T mini is in France. The wallet was first presented at a major international exhibition of mobile devices, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which took place from 26 February to 1 March. The founder and CEO of DomRaider, Tristan Colombet, represented Safe-T mini on the stand Archos. The official start of sales of the wallet will begin in June 2018. Co-branded series of wallets from DomRaider and Archos will be limited. In addition, the purse released as part of the collaboration of two French companies will be different in design from the usual line of Safe-T mini: on the reverse side of the product will emblem DomRaider Token that is very symbolic, because every owner of a limited Safe-T mini will get 50€ in tokens DRT.

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