Dorado Is Setting the New Standards for ICOs’ Transparency and Reliability

With the ever-increasing popularity of blockchain technologies, it’s hardly surprising to see the rise of ICOs from new startups. As interesting and promising as they sound, they also come with high risks and, more often than not, lack of experience. The good news is, reliable ICOs exist, too. Dorado has recently announced theirs, and, given that they are branching out of a business that has been running for three years already, as well as their management team composed of the highest achievers, there is no doubt it’s worth paying attention to. Here, Dorado’s token model.

3-year token lock and Quarterly Commision Bonuses

The first thing that catches one’s eye is Dorado’s decision to lock their tokens for three years. As put by Jonas Karosas, co-founder of Dorado, company’s “goal isn’t quick gains. Investors can rest easy that we won’t sell our tokens and disappear like some other ICOs have done before. In addition to the token lock, Dorado is offering quarterly commissions bonus payments within the ecosystem of 7% of its net revenue to all Dorado token owners.”

Mr. Karosas is confident that Dorado’s value could be billions within three years. And, given that their initial company has already achieved 6227% growth from the founding in 2014, it doesn’t sound unrealistic at all.


Moreover, Dorado commits to full transparency and states that there will be no unknowns in their business. Quarterly updates will be published at the end of every quarter and regular meetings will be held with the token holders to discuss progress.

Dorado’s tokens have three primary users on their platform – businesses, couriers, and clients.

While fiat currencies will be accepted for the services, too, token holders will have access to premium features – discounts, featured listings, rewards, and so on.

Proven track record and diversification

Dorado’s root company’s proven record of success thus far should be another point for investors to consider participating in the ICO. The market is saturated with businesses that are only on whitepapers and with no product or traction, thus making investor’s portfolio highly sensitive for collapse. Everyone with experience in the field knows that diversifying assets is essential for protection from a possible market collapse, or at least mitigating losses caused by its volatility. Dorado stands out from the ICO crowd not only by its services but, more importantly, by its real-life experience. Being one of the most successful startups with extremely high growth, led by a team of experts, Dorado can be trusted to continue its prosperous path.

“In 3 years, Dorado’s MVP company Foodout became number 1 player in 6 countries. We believe that with successful ICO and additional funds we can grow Dorado even faster in the next 5”, – says Jonas Karosas, CEO of Dorado, and he has all the numbers to support his statement. As a company with goals to become global, and all the material for achieving them, Dorado is surely worth considering for your next ICO investment.

Dorado is a next-generation on-demand delivery company, which has revealed that it plans to raise $55M via its ICO. Dorado has already ‘pre-heated the oven” by raising $4M from institutional investors, including the ICO-focused Goldfish Fund, and it plans to offer the remaining allocation to the general public.

Those wanting to buy into the token sale will have to pre-register at

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