Dow Jones Group and Brave Software test tokens BAT

One of the world’s leading financial information Agency Dow Jones Media Group has teamed up with the developers of browser Brave for joint testing of the Basic token Attention Token (BAT).

18 April 2018, the company announced that they plan to experiment with blockchain technology in the field of digital advertising and media publications. The experiment involves testing platform digital advertising browser Brave and his currency with the use of BAT brands Dow Jones Media Group, such as Barron’s, Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch.

Created by the inventor of JavaScript and a Mozilla co-founder Brendan Ahom (Brendan Eich) browser Brave and token Token Basic Attention is directed to offer alternative models of income to publishers and advertisers on the Internet. Both products aim to reduce fraud from the ad views generated by bots, a more fair income for publishers and giving consumers the ability monetize their attention through pay per view advertising tokens BAT.

«Partnership with Brave is an innovative step for the Dow Jones Media Group, says senior Vice-President of Barron’s Daniel Bernard (Daniel Bernard), being the online edition of world level, we consider very important is the constant monitoring of new and emerging technologies that can be used to create high-quality customer service».

According to a press release, the new partnership will provide users of browser Brave access to premium content on and newsletters MarketWatch on first come first served basis. Additionally, Barron’s and MarketWatch after the Washington Post, the Guardian and Vice, will be verified by the publishers on the platform Basic Platform Attention.

«We are excited to partner with Dow Jones Media Group, which will provide the users browser agent access premium content via tokens Token Basic Attention, says Eich, — our new model connects users and publishers, without violating confidentiality. Looking forward to when our users will be able to take advantage of the premium distribution Barron’s and MarketWatch».

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