Drawing a Line on Internet Restrictions Using Blockchain Technology

If you have heard of or used cryptocurrencies, you probably did so due to its privacy features. And, these very features allow people to keep their private information secret while sending and receiving funds over the internet, which has become the most exploited use case of digital currencies.

However, imagine a world where all the privacy features of cryptocurrencies could be integrated into everything we do on the internet. In a society where governments consistently monitor the internet traffic, imagine a network where anyone can connect to the internet securely and anonymously. Consider Mysterium, which had its token sale three months ago. Mysterium aims to build a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer based and serverless node network, designed to provide privacy restoring techniques to its users, with financial incentives to its node operators.

Mysterium operates on a fairly innovative theory. The main goal is to utilize already-existing technologies such as Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts and advancing their features with state-channels, mechanisms of promises, combined with censorship-evasion protocols developed by the community. The Mysterium decentralized peer-to-peer network will take the power from big internet corporations. The system acts as a distributed marketplace for the give and take of Virtual Private Network (VPN) services and is backed by secure Ethereum blockchain technology.

So what the Chinese decided to ban Bitcoin in the mainland. Mysterium will offer its users to access their wallets from any parts of the country using censorship evasion techniques. Evading the Chinese government’s firewall is impossible under the platform of largely centralized VPN providers. The solution lies in Bitcoin’s secret of success, decentralization. Currently, there is no other alternative VPN that is based on the blockchain technology available today. Mysterium being the only player at the moment is getting ready to score some goals.

One, hiring has already begun. It is a fact that much has to be done behind the scenes to counter various agenda groups from around the world. In July, Mysterium founders attended a hackercamp called “NoTrollsAllowed” to make a presentation on Mysterium. A number of developers took interest in a possible future with Mysterium. However, they are not the only ones considering partnering up with Mysterium. States and large corporations are reportedly making efforts to acquire Mysterium’s private data, either for advertising or modeling consumer habits. If Mysterium keeps it up, and developers and users communicate with ease, this could boost the confidence of investors and brighten the future for Mysterium.

The platform has been on the right track until now and will continue to do so in the near future as well.  However, with the expansion of the team, and constant behind-the-scenes work happening round the clock, the platform looks forward to maintaining a constant exchange of information between the investors in the platform, boosting their confidence and eventually increasing the value of the tokens.

It is just a matter of time before the platform meets success on all counts. Those waiting for the innovative decentralized privacy network solution will have to just wait for some time to lay their hands upon it.

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