Dubai plans to launch 20 the blockchain initiatives in 2018

In Dubai are already running pilot programs in several government agencies, but the Emirate hopes to introduce this year another 20 of block chain initiatives.

The Dubai good to live up to its nickname «city of the future». The city government earlier formed the Smart Dubai — an Agency established with the aim to make Dubai the most technologically advanced and most intelligent city in the world. One of the goals of the program is to implement services based on blockchain technology in many sectors.

Consensys and IBM entered into a strategic partnership with the Agency in the role of consultants to Dubai to help Smart achieve its goals. According to the newspaper the National, Aisha Bint Buti bin Bisher (Aisha Bint Buti bin Bisher), head of the Smart Dubai, believes that «the blockchain will improve the experience of people». Forum Unlock Blockchain she spoke about the introduction of technology in the city:

«Technology will be used in various fields, including traffic management, energy, health and education. 20 options are pilot testing, and we expect their results to scale solutions.»

Despite the fact that originally the launch was planned for 2020, Bisher’m sure it could be implemented this year. In fact, the technology of the blockchain is already being used in the work of the Department of land relations. Other government departments such as the Immigration service of Dubai, also implement the pilot program. Some departments, including the customs of Dubai, have partnered with IBM to develop future initiatives.

The Agency argues that the blockchain technology will improve the quality of public services, saving more than 25 million hours of work each year. , Bisher said:

«At that time? others still discuss the prospects of this new technology, we started to work on it and today we are transforming Dubai into the blockchain-the capital of the world».

At the same conference Ramez Dandan (Ramez Dandan) from Microsoft Gulf said, as disruptive technology becomes an exciting addition to the business sector:

«Investments in the blockchain in the GCC [the cooperation Council of the Gulf countries] and beyond are growing at an impressive pace, as organizations recognize the destructive power of this technology. We firmly believe in the enormous potential of technology for businesses of all sizes and industries. It will allow them to share business processes with suppliers, customers and partners that opens up new opportunities for cooperation and, ultimately, new business models.»

Governments in the Persian Gulf, including United Arab Emirates, seek to invest in technology to reduce dependence on oil revenues, which have recently declined due to the fall in oil prices.

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