Dutch commentator: bitcoin undermines the economy

Publication Dutch correspondent Sandra Flippen, which encourages readers to sell bitcoins «because of their danger», was criticized. The author argues that cryptovault dangerous because no financial institutions for its monitoring and it threatens the economy as a whole. The article caused heated debates.

Without any clarification of the author it is impossible to understand if a work is a parody or reflection of the views of its Creator. Flippen, chief economist news site Holland AD, accuses bitcoin of all sins, including the «traditional» money laundering and tax evasion. The economist also emphasizes that associated with the mining of high energy consumption «very dangerous for the environment» (not to mention the fact that the banking industry consumes a lot more), and investing in the ICO investors are not buying anything except the «hot air».

This is not the first article about «the danger of bitcoin». The information in such publications, in part reflects the reality, but the facts are not distorted in favor of bitcoin. So recently, the British media have published several stories about drug dealers using cryptomate for money laundering.

Provides information from the coroner’s report – «drug use cryptomate to lose their illicit income,» but omitted the fact that the actual crime – the purchase of drugs was carried out entirely in Fiat currency. However, despite these rants from «economic experts», they do not really confuse your friends with the theme of cryptocurrency people.

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