Edward Snowden: NSA has long monitored users of Bitcoin

In mass media appeared information about the fact that the activities of the national security Agency USA (NSA) goes beyond simple monitoring public bloccano Bitcoin.

According to secret documents received from the world’s most famous whistleblower Edward Snowden, such observations are considered to be one of the main priorities of the Agency, which actively analyzes the global Internet traffic and uses spyware to deanonymize users of Bitcoin.

According to one document, the NSA collects confidential information such as user passwords, browsing activity and device IDs.

The NSA monitors Internet activities of users of Bitcoin in 2013 through a program code-named OAKSTAR, and the other program MONKEYROCKET, according to analysts SSG11, could allow the NSA to approach the most accurate definition of users who initiate a cryptocurrency transaction.

The documents also indicated that the NSA may have used XKeyScore, a powerful global system of online monitoring, first mentioned in 2013, when Snowden released secret information about NSA activities in the study of these users of Bitcoin.

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