Elina Sidorenko: in Russia it is possible to make transactions with cryptocurrency between individuals

The head of the Duma interagency work group on risk assessment of turnover cryptocurrency, Katya Sidorenko, said that Russians can communicate and make transactions between individuals using cryptocurrencies, at least before the advent of legislative control in this area.

«The only thing that we need to recognize that cryptocurrency in Russia has the right to walk, but only with respect to the «person-person», that is, only in respect of individuals and only through the conclusion of the so-called poimennykh, possibly mixed or homogeneous contracts. Now we can do that,» she said during the conference CryptoInvestForum held. December 15 in Moscow

«Another problem that we really do not have anything to do with taxation and mining glaring example… Now, we specifically spoke with the IRS, they acknowledge that this vision of crypto-currencies and tokens are very difficult to be consistent taxation,» she added.

Many countries have opened their markets to cryptocurrencies, however, the Russian government in this matter is not in a hurry, showing some caution. The Central Bank continues to adhere to the position that it was premature admission of cryptocurrency to be traded in Russia and warns of the high risks of their use.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed the government together with the Central Bank to develop by 1 July 2018 amendments to the legislation of the Russian Federation, which would regulate cryptocurrency transactions and the procedure of placing tokens (ICO) by analogy with the regulation of primary securities offering (IPO). According to the statements of the Central Bank?, by the end of 2017 will be submitted to the regulatory concept of a «sandbox», which will be implemented by temporary regulation of cryptocurrencies for the selected projects.

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