Elina Sidorenko: in Today’s world there is no reliable platform for the introduction of cryptocurrencies

The global prospects of cryptocurrency and blockchain was expressed by the head of the working group of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation estimated the risk of turnover cryptocurrency Elina Sidorenko, speaking at «the Legal aspects of the use of cryptocurrency» in the framework of the Russian investment forum, which takes place in the Sochi media center.

Elina Sidorenko:

«The international community, which is obliged to propose a stencil – how we work, what cryptocurrency is, by and large, have not even begun the process. The question is not just not resolved, he doesn’t even put».

According to her, the Group of development of financial measures of struggle against money-laundering (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering), the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe, the UN simply keep silent on this issue.

«The platform on which States can build a single model does not exist», – said the speaker.

Those jurisdictions that are now called friendly to bitcoin, for example, Singapore, they actually are not and soon could be banned. According to Sidorenko, the regulation of cryptocurrencies need to take a cue from countries keen on the banking sector – Switzerland, Liechtenstein, who understand that without the introduction of new products to keep pace with technology. However, the speaker noticed that the blockchain does not depend on state boundaries, it can be used to circumvent any jurisdiction.

In Russia there is a successful ICO, for example, LavkaLavka, or RMC, which prove that in our country is such a model possible. According to Sidorenko, it is necessary to determine the standards of wallets, their number in exchange for a man, and how man should interact with the exchange.

Nothing strange in the current situation in the cryptocurrency market sees senior partner «versus.ligal» Ilya Alimbaev. According to him, decentralized economy, a lot of young, smart, talented people who are ahead of progress.

«The legislator will always catch up, and that’s fine. Because the economy is always evolving ahead of legislation».

For regulatory needs time, according to Director and co-founder of Cryptogamie Anton Guglya. The market is trying to regulate itself – you need a «sandbox» test site, the ban is the most simple that can be done today. Blockchain requires docking solutions, changes to business processes and tools for the implementation of both the legal and marketing plan.

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