Emin Sirer-Kyung: «the Future of PoS consensus mechanism»

Within a bitcoin conference «Satoshi Vision», which was held in Tokyo, the head of the research group IC3 Cornell University Emin Sirer Gyun (Emin Gün Sirer) spoke about his role in the industry and what the mechanism of consensus will come to the fore in the next year and a half.

Emin Sirer Gyun — known researcher specializing in computer networks and P2P systems. He teaches at Cornell University and head of it research group Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts (IC3). The researcher always loudly spoken on the issues of scaling the blockchain and was not afraid to criticize members of the cryptocurrency community. At the conference «Satoshi Vision» Gyun Sirer talked about the academic side of technology of the blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions.

«This is really exciting because it overlaps with many other areas, and combines elements of building systems, Economics, game theory, programming languages and databases. As well as many other elements from the spectrum of computer science,» said Kyung Sirer during the interview.

The researcher explained that his work mostly focuses on implementation and creating concepts that bring real benefits.

«My special place in the industry relates to implementations. The entire community can be divided into theorists and dreamers, and those involved in the actual implementation. I am very proud to belong to the second group that I’m involved in the creation and implementation of products that really work,» said Gyun Sirer.

Year consensus Proof-of-Stake

Gyun Sirer also explained that he is delighted with new mechanisms of consensus and believes that in the next year and a half in mining will be a significant change.

«My group is considering what should be the infrastructure of the block chain. We live in very interesting times, and people almost daily come up with new protocols consensus, and I follow with attention. It seems to me that in the next eighteen months will become a popular mechanism Proof-of-Stake (PoS), noted Gyun Sirer. «The protocols that exist today, are still incredibly complex, and even in my area it is not felt that this complexity is justified to ensure sufficient security. After about a year and a half we will see how PoS is really starting to take shape — I love it.»

In addition, in an interview with Emin Sirer Gyun spoke about the connections of nodes and how to improve communication networking between them. The full interview with Emin Kyeong-by Sirer in English can be viewed here.

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