Employee of the Beijing company stole 100 BTC from your employer

Employee of the Beijing company was arrested after allegedly found a failed attempt to break his organization and took advantage of the situation to steal bitcoins from your employer. The company name is not specified. 90% of the funds were eventually returned, but he still can be sentenced to prison soon to 7 years.

Joon-Mo (Zhong Mo) supposedly stole 100 BTC from your employer. Recently, the police of Beijing’s Haidian district confirmed his arrest. The accused was an engineer for operation and maintenance. It is alleged that during the regular server maintenance of the company he found that someone was trying to steal the cryptocurrency by hacking, but failed.

After Troubleshooting, the engineer used the administrator access to log on to the server and inserted the code snippet hacker to transfer 100 bitcoins from the vault of the company in your own wallet, was outside of China. He also tried to erase the traces of their action in order to avoid prosecution.

Losing 10 BTC on a phishing site, the hapless thief who apparently chickened out and returned the remaining 90 bitcoins of the company. At the exchange rate at the time – September 16, 2017 the value of the coins was approximately 380 000 dollars. Local media claim that this is the first case of bitcoin theft investigated by police in Beijing.

The Prosecutor in this case stated that, in accordance with the Criminal law of China, the accused may be sentenced to imprisonment for a term up to three years, but if it did serious details of the case, he can receive up to seven years in prison and a fine.

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