Estonia rejected the idea of creating a national cryptocurrency Estcoin

Last year in Estonia was reinforced the struggle for the creation of
national cryptocurrencies. And when you start Estcoin was already almost announced from the idea unexpectedly declined after the ECB President Mario Draghi (Mario Draghi) as well as other senior representatives of the banking sector lashed out at the plans of Estonia to create a national cryptocurrency.

Sikkut Siim (Siim Sikkut) responsible for IT strategy in Estonia, said that the government will not bind the digital tokens to the Euro or to offer them to all citizens within the country. Instead, they are to foreigners, who remotely register their company in the country.

Despite the fact that Estonia is considered one of the most advanced Eastern European States, the idea of creating a national caused strong dissatisfaction with the head of the ECB, Mario Draghi, criticized the so-called Estcoin. Draghi said that the European country with a population of 1.3 miiliona there can be no other currency than the Euro. In this he was supported by the head of the Bank of Estonia Ardo Hansson (Ardo Hansson), who also complained of «deceptive» messages, which were received from government agencies.

«During the talks with the politicians we came to an agreement that Estcoin will act as a means for transactions within the community e-resident. Other options are available. We do not create new currency», — said Sikkut.

Chorus Caspar (Kaspar Korjus), the author of the concept Estcoin, confirmed the words Cicuta email, and added that the details of the «community Estcoin» continues to be analyzed for potential benefits. Although Estcoin will help members of the community e-resident to provide each other with the work or service is «definitely will not be a national cryptocurrency», — said Carus.

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