Ether Capital shares commenced trading on the canadian stock exchange

Ether Capital stock, investment, cryptocurrency, the company commenced trading on the canadian stock exchange Neo Exchange on 19 April this year. The company Ether Capital plans to invest in the blockchain startups, as well as in ETH. Analysts note that this event may affect the price of the air.

«The beginning of public trading represents an important step in the mission Ether Capital,» said Som Seif (Seif Som), Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Deputy Director for investments of company Capital Ether. «We are pleased to provide investors the opportunity to invest in the first company introduced on the stock exchange and focused exclusively on space Ethereum and also to help the development of revolutionary technologies.»

At the moment the company has funds obtained from investors are about 35.2 million dollars. About 90% of the funds will be used to purchase airtime.

«I think the market will take some time to really understand our value proposition,» said co-founder of Ben Roberts (Ben Roberts). «Its good twice: it gives investors the opportunity to enter the market and creates a pool of assets that allows us to occupy a niche in the community and on the platform Ethereum. Partly because we are scaling up our proposal, we have the opportunity to become something of a ConsenSys, which is a major shareholder of Ethereum using its platform to create value».

To exit to the stock exchange the company has applied to the securities Commission of Ontario and received approval. The second item on the agenda was the discussion of the value proposition with the banks. The main attention is paid to the safe storage of assets.

«Ethereum is a project that started in Canada,» said Roberts. «However, in reality it developed in most major cities in the world, and that’s a way to get him back in Toronto and really bridge the gap between the technical and the financial community.»

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