Ethereum Classic rose 25% after the announcement of the listing on Coinbase

After the blog cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has a record
about the beginning of the preparatory work for the integration of Ethereum Classic (ETC) on their platform, the rate of the cryptocurrency rose from $12.88 to $16.15, i.e. almost 25% in just half an hour.

Ethereum Classic will soon be two years: the project has split from the original Ethereum blockchain in July 2016 after a hard forks associated with the recovery of the stolen tokens TheDAO. However, supporters ETC call your original blockchain, and guilty of schism I think the team Vitalik Buterin.

A similar report was published in January of this year, but in March, the company announced that it plans to add new assets to the platform.

Among other things, Coinbase reported that it continues to explore the possibility of adding pairs of token-based ERC20 and forks of bitcoin, and conducts research on the integration of new technologies, including atomic swaps, sharding, etc.

Support Ethereum Classic adds not only to the main trading platform Coinbase, but in other services including Coinbase Custody, for safe keeping of digital assets, Markets Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Prime Coinbase, Coinbase Asset Management and Coinbase Index Fund composed of all the cryptocurrencies traded on Coinbase.

After added support Ethereum Classic, users who at the moment of the fork in 2016 held a cryptocurrency Ethereum platform Coinbase or withdrew due to them coins ETC until January 2017, will now be able to do it.

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