Ethersport: All there is about the ICO

Ethersport recently announced it was in the fourth quarter of its ICO. The Ethereum based platform has some nice offers for its fourth stage funders.

Ethersport, the platform has made its ICO quite easy to participate as long as you fulfill a few simple requirements. There are only two rules that you need to know about, and you are set to go. The ICO also has some interesting offers in the fourth quarter. Participants will also get access to the full MVP platform when the ICO is done.

What are the Minimum Requirements?

To participate in this ICO, you will need at least 0.002 ETH. Participants in the ICO can only make ETH contribution. Any other cryptocurrency sent to the ESC contract will be void and the sender will end up wasting them.

The platform also warns participants not to send their ETH from an exchange. If they do this, their ESC tokens are going to be allocated to the exchange’s account. As such, it may not be possible to recover your ESC tokens. Except for these two rules, there is really nothing else, which one needs to know before participating in this ICO.

What You Can Expect from Ethersport

Ethersport is an innovative sports lottery platform that is based on the Ethereum smart contracts. The unique thing about the Ethersport lottery is that it is not based on random guessing. Rather, it is based on the determination of actual sporting events. These are genuine events, free of outside interference.

The only thing that a player needs, in this case, is pure analytical skills devoid of any lucky guessing. This means that if a player is really good at it, he or she stands to make an enormous profit. The Ethersport ICO is currently in its fourth stage of funding. If you wish to participate, you will receive a 50% bonus.

About the MVP Platform

Ethersport also recently joined MVP, which is still in the test stages. At the end of the ICO, Ethersport aims to make MVP a reliable platform for lotteries.  They have ensured that this platform is as simple as possible, making it possible for anyone to take part in it.

Right now, MVP only contains the player interface and official lines from Ethersport. However, it is expected that Ethersport will bring independent lottery capabilities once the ICO is wound up. The CEO of Ethersport recently commented on the issue and said that the feedback he had gotten from backers had been quite useful. He also added that the 50% bonus was because of the growth of the Ethereum exchange rate. If anyone wanted to take part in the ICO, now would seem like the best time.

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