eToro Supports Bitcoin Cash

eToro, one of the highly respected online cryptocurrency trading platforms has just added Bitcoin Cash to its shelf, increasing the number of cryptocurrencies available for trading. This is certainly good news to buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies, as they now have more robust options to choose from while trading digital currencies.

About Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin does not need any form of introduction, except to those who just landed from the moon recently. However, not everyone knows much about this new variance of Bitcoin; the Bitcoin Cash.

The Bitcoin Cash was created on 1 August 2017, as a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain and is now being used as a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency of payment because of its efficiency. It brings about an increase in block size, making it possible for more transactions to be processed with ease. In other words, Bitcoin Cash is designed to improve on Bitcoin’s speed and block size. It has since been welcome with open arms by sellers and buyers alike. The good news is that eToro, as one of the pacesetters, has decided to support the trading of Bitcoin Cash on its platform.

Why cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin and Ether, which are founded on the blockchain technology offer lots of benefits to their users. Now Bitcoin Cash has also become a force to reckon with. These digital currencies offer multiple advantages over fiat currencies including fraud prevention, faster transactions, security of transaction due to end-to-end encryptions, decentralization and absence of middlemen and the control they exert, and being free from institutional controls.

Advantages for investors

Apart from the aforementioned advantages of cryptocurrencies, other benefits they offer include:

Easy to Start Trading

Everyone (both professionals and amateurs) is interested in cryptocurrency trading due to their advantages over traditional currencies and the wide acceptance they enjoy across boards. eToro offers a trading platform that is easy for both users to understand and start using immediately without special training, software installation or wallet creation. Everything is done with ease on their online platform.

Social Trading

eToro is a pacesetter in the area of social trading, making it possible for professional traders to share knowledge with novices as they trade together. Besides, the eToro’s ‘CopyFunds’ is a balanced investment portfolio designed by its investment committee to enable users to invest wisely in what is proven to work efficiently.

eToro vs the Alternatives

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, eToro stands shoulder taller than its competitors. The areas where they excel include:

  • Instant trade execution, getting rid of the delays experienced by other platforms and enabling users to lock in a price at the right time
  • Unlimited daily fund withdrawal
  • Secured account. You trade with peace of mind, knowing that there is no threat of any kind.

eToro remains a brand to beat any day. If you are not already trading with them, perhaps you need to give the platform a try.

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