European Commissioner for Finance: «We are not going to respond to bitcoin»

European Commissioner for Finance Pierre Moscovici (Pierre Moscovici) in a recent interview explained that at this stage policy of the European Union is not planning to «react» to the phenomenon of bitcoin. The EU adds a definition of digital currency to existing legislation, but the financial Commissioner said that they have no plans to regulate bitcoin.

The popularity of bitcoin grows around the world, regulators and officials in some countries are increasingly discussing him. The government of the United States, Asia and the EU are thinking about how to regulate cryptocurrencies via pressure on the exchange. In particular, the policy of the EU is concerned about the possible link of cryptocurrency with the financing of terrorism, money laundering and tax evasion.

Although observers believe that the EU is trying to apply strict regulation to cryptocurrencies, the EU Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said that, in the moment, the regulation of digital currencies is not planned.

«We observe and analyze them, but see no need to respond to bitcoin at this stage…,» said Moscovici.

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