Europol: the criminals move on to Monero, zcash for and Dash

Joining many representatives of law enforcement agencies from around the world who are investigating the cases of using the cryptocurrency criminal elements, Europol reports that criminals refuse bitcoin and move on anonymous cryptocurrencies — monero, zcash for and dash.

Employees of the organization concerned with the transition of criminals altline, while investigators focus on bitcoin.

«The transition to oldoini due to the fact that they can provide a higher level of privacy, in particular, monero. There are such coins as the dash, which is the process of mixing» – said Jarek of Jucheck analyst Europol cybercrime.

Among other reasons for the preference alithinou: first, the major bitcoin exchanges operate in accordance with existing laws AML/KYC that involve customer identification when opening an account that can’t like criminals. Second, most law enforcement agencies already know about the potential use of bitcoin and upgrade methods track transactions in its network.

Tom Robinson , one of the founders of Elliptic, which uses data analysis to monitor the transactions in the blockchain, fraud detection and crime investigation, reports that the vast majority of illegal activities in the cryptocurrency space still occurs using bitcoins because of the ease of sharing and a more developed infrastructure.

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