Every day in the hands of criptoportico is $9 million

The huge popularity of cryptocurrency, with a low level of security platforms, and users, does not remain without attention of criminals. Only for the first two months of 2018 has recorded 22 cases of fraud with cryptocurrencies. Analysts believe that during this time the cyber criminals illegally managed to get hold of about $1.3 billion.

The leaders of this anti-rating will remain Bitgrail and exchange Coincheck who have stolen $170 million and $553 million, respectively. Major fraud should also be attributed to the closure of cryptocurrency project Bitconnect.

For objectivity, the calculation takes into account a very conservative estimate and considered a crime, in which the amount of stolen funds exceeded $400 thousand.

According to analysts, even taking into account a major crime, the amount of the stolen funds totaled $542 million. Note that small-time scams such as the fake accounts in social networks, was not considered. If such activity criminals continue, and kriptonyte will not become more secure by the end of the year, the total production of scammers will be $325 billion.

As for ICO projects (the initial placement of tokens), it should be noted that last year they collected $5.2 billion, but only 48% of the projects promise for success.

Such statistics speaks about the big financial and even physical risks associated with cryptocurrencies. In addition to online fraud, criminals are increasingly resorting to actual robberies and assaults for the purpose of acquiring virtual currency.

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